Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Finishin' up!

Final character design project of the year (at least I hope it is) So I decided to do a little extra and photoshopped it.

The assignment was to redraw an older character and place them in a scenario where they were sneaking for an object they weren't supposed to have and then felt guilty when they were caught.
In the final pose if you'd like you can imagine a genie standing with this tea cup and sugar looking really pissed about this spilt beverage! haha (I drew it, but there was no room)

Also. 3 weeks left until school is out and I have made it a task of mine to make sure I update frequently throughout the summer.
This will be my last summer as a 'free person' (disregarding the full time summer job) Because next year I have my 3rd year Co-op and the year after that I am released into the wild.... I mean world.

Enjoy your final weeks of our 2nd year Sheridan friends!


dubeta said...

Dear Spencer Duffy,

You are great, as always I love your style, especially in character design. Please continue being magnificent.


Chenny said...

this char design is super nice! i love her face, it's not generic at all, and you have beautiful lines of action in her poses!