Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Sss'mester

I've Beeeen busy! But I think I may have the upper hand on homework at the moment!
It wont last long though, so I will take the extra time I have now to update.
Nothing but sketchbook doodles to show today. HOWEVER I will have my Leica Reel, that was done as my final storyboarding project, up here real soon.

Most of these were done with ink and a water brush. The coloured ice-cream boy is me testing out my new copic markers :D haha.

Thanks and enjoy!

I screwed around with this one in photoshop?

High Fives for crappy colouring skills!


kathryn durst said...

these are super nice. i love fancy girl drinking the coffee- the lines are nice and flowwy. the water/ink technique is really awesome.. might have to try it sometime!

Bigmac said...

siiiick stuff spencer! You've gotta post more man! And also, we gotta sketch jam sometime for sure!

Anonymous said...

the little ice cream boy is so cute!