Tuesday, December 8, 2009

keepin' it up

So we are in the final two weeks of school before the Christmas break-which is a measly 3 weeks. It may seem like a lot now, but I know it will be gone just as quickly as it came.
So, to hold you over while I am smashing my head into a light table.
During the school year I seem to get very little done, to my own benefit. However ol' sketchy never leaves my side and so I have these for ya!

I plan on turning this drawing into a digital painting over the break, however a massive amount of fail may occur as I rarely pick up my tablet lately. We'll see!


Nicole Kozak said...

im leaving a comment so people think you have friends

Spencer Duffy said...

for a second, I even thought I had friends!
One day I will be cool, and we will see who leaves pity comments then!!!

Phil said...

zombie chickens would CLEARLY eat other chickens to satisfy their hunger... not fish... GET IT RIGHT.

ps. On a scale of one to ten, these works are god damn fucking amazing.