Saturday, December 5, 2009


My first animation post!!
I usually don't feel very confident in my animations, but I figured I would post this one for a few reasons. One, because this is one that I actually feel happy with...and two, because I plan to rework on this over the christmas break.

So, this is where YOU come in. haha. Tell me what could be improved on this! There is no way this is perfect so there must be something!!

Thanks for checking in! I'll be sure to post some more things soon.

Oh, tonight I also discovered that though Silent Hill is a one player game, it can entertain and creep out any amount of viewers haha. good times!

EDIT-Also, in the case you are a friend not from Sheridan. This animation is made for our 'walk/run' assignment. We were required to animate two of our own characters, one walking, one running, as well as having a interaction scene, where the characters meet. The majority of the project is dedicated to the walk and run, which is why my interaction scene is a little fast and consfusing. Hope this was useful haha

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RZMOM05 said...

I've just added your Blog to my favorites. Hope to see more of the animations Spence. Always let the public be the judge - because we all know artists are hardest on themselves lol