Monday, November 30, 2009

lame update!

Sketchbook dump time!
I Haven't had the time to scan any of my more recent sketchbook drawings, but here a couple from my older book.
I'll be sure to update again soon with some more sketches, as well as possibly some rough work for a Christmas present I am making for my friend.

note to self: Caricature more!!!

Also! Someone help me fix the look of this blog!
how doooooo I doooooo it?


Justin Hartley said...

Awesome stuff as usual Spencer! Check out the links I posted on my blog about a week ago, it tells you how to put a background image and a few other things by changing the HTML code! Just follow the steps and you'll have a kick ass blog in no time! :D

Lwang said...

Duffy scan scan scan more drawings =D

Brent Goldsmith said...

Sick update brah!

Spencer Duffy said...

Thanks guys!
I will post promptly! haha