Monday, February 2, 2009


After a few days work on my layout painting I have decided to completely scrap it and start over.
I had been working on the right side of the painting mainly and when I went to attempt the left I screwed it up horrible out of improper planning.
However, in attempt to salvage some of my 'hard' work, I sliced and diced the painting and framed the portion.
The result :

Sorry for the crappy quality, The photo is in the frame which is raised from the scanner, ya know...making it blurry.

All in all, I am not too upset as I have re-thought my idea and with a few weeks still to work on this I feel confident I will have a more successful painting in the end.

Anyone want this one $$?


Nicole said...

that looks great! i love it.

Im having so many problems with my painting(s), too. I'm thinking by the time is due ill end up with something totally different than what i had planned.

Good luck with your painting endeavors.

Lwang said...

Hehe you like octopus/squids ehh =P this half looks greatt

dubeta said...

Oh man, that looks so good, Spencer.

I decided to attempt a 'realistic' painting. MISTAKE. I redid it FIVE TIMES...and that's just the one painting. I am getting no sleep tomorrow night.