Sunday, February 1, 2009

oh the lazyness of me

My second semester is rolling forward and I am managing to stay on top of things thus far.
With two major assignments over with (the bone test/pink panther walk) I am able to focus on all the upcoming projects that are on their way(Head turn, Anthropomorphic character design, layout) All of which I have started on some level.
Below are some random drawings that one again have nothing to do with my schooling haha
Just some random characters placed in vague bar scenes. (oh the originality poors from me)

My hopes for this blog are that I eventually get in the habit of posting more frequently in hopes that people might actually start visiting haha. So if you already are a visitor, why not leave me a friendly comment. I promise it will motivate me to post more ^__^

My lectures are often very boring, so in order to pass the time I make note taking a bit more least for myself.
Lets just say four hours passes by a little quicker with octopi on your paper.

On a last note, here is a random page of character roughs I came up with to use for my Character Design project(the anthropomorphic one) I am still not sure what I plan on doing, but I think the over caffeinated baby chicken is a step in the right direction haha.
Let me know what you think?


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