Sunday, November 6, 2011


Took a day break from the SSB art to do some more concept/layout work for my film.

any favorites?


Lisa Wang said...

ouu pretty colours~ I like 2, 5, 7, 9, I guess the bright ones I like :D

Nicole Kozak said...

noice noice noice!

I like #9 the most but think i would love it even more if it were a tiny tiny bit less dark under the canopy. but. . Shit guy! lots of awesome everywhere! :D

Darryl Kee said...

4, 6, and maybe even a slightly brighter version of 9 =D

Spencer Duffy said...

thanks a lot guys! I like the all of you said 9, because though i like the other colour combos and lighting, 9 is the only one in there without black (and is also my fav)
Ill have to take that version and play around with the lighting and colours of it now.
YOU GUYS RULE! thanks again for the help