Thursday, June 16, 2011


So I haven't posted too much yet involving some of the film things me and Jeremy Bondy have been working, which has been a task and a half but worth all the time and effort! :D

...I figure it might be time to give ya a glimpse.

They're a blend of our previous idea and our final so what you are looking at may or not be an actual part of our film -___-
regardless, here are some colour tests I have done, any opinions or suggestions are greatly appreciated! (were making this film for you're enjoyment ya know!)
....nah, its for us


sussman said...

very cool, are you animating in flash?

Nicole Kozak said...

exciiittteeeedd :D also . .noam and i are blog comment whores (i just came from celia's blog . .)

Lauren Duffy said...

stick to your guns