Monday, November 15, 2010


Some of my many influences, and for clarity I will elaborate.
1. Natalie wife ( all that is needed)
2. Midori-Ko. This is a japanese film I was able to see at the Ottawa Film Fest. Truly unique and in a beautiful way, creepy.
3. The 'Life' series(and planet earth) all those animals, all those plants! What's not inspiring about that?
4. Circa Survive-Long time favorite band.
5. Michael Chrichton's Jurassic park. This has been my favorite book, and favorite movie franchise since I was a child.
6. Nintendo DS. Influences me to be distracted :D
7. The Iron Giant
8. Chris Sanders, and Lilo and Stitch. (Chris Sanders constantly influences my future plans in animation)
9. Calvin and Hobbes
10. Squids, Octopi, and all things tentacle'd
11. Felix the Cat and ridiculous Fliescher films
12. Meeko ( as a child this was probably my first favorite disney character) which later turned into a childhood obsession with real raccoons.
13. Dead Mau5-but more specifically, great electro/techno/dubstep. I dont go a day without a private dance party.
14. Ants-my current obsession. (my ant farm will be in full force once I find a queen)
15. Tim Burton-The first artist I actually attempted to learn more about, rather then just loving the movie.


Nicole Kozak said...

So many awesome choices!!

Dibs on Portman, though! >:(

Suka Strife said...

Poooor Natalie Portman. Your ant farm would be thriving, if she hadn't died!

rzmom05 said...

darn! I thought the ants were your code name for me ;) Nice choices!